05 novembre 2004

On vit une épique époque opaque...

Entre Bush reparti pour 4 longues années et Arafat qui se meurt, je pressens comme une belle épée de Damoclès suspendue au-dessus de nos têtes à tous.

J’ai peu peur de l’avenir, par tempérament Mais là

Edit 07/11, suite au comment avisé de Mic : http://www.sorryeverybody.com/

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?? ou est le lien www.sorryeverybody.com ???????

Écrit par : m | 06 novembre 2004

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Ce qui se cache derrière Moore http://www.mikemartinelli.com/MooreOne.jpg

Écrit par : coucou | 08 novembre 2004

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Pffff Que voilà un commentaire intelligent qui fait avancer le schmilblik... Enfin, liberté d'expression , oui, encore que : le brillant orateur pourrait se dévoiler.
Je supporte pas les ânonymes. (pour les glandus : c'est pas une faute, mais un jeu de mots)

Écrit par : zag | 08 novembre 2004

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bien le bonjour! Je vois qu'ici aussi le gang des ânonymes (j'aime bien!!) frappe, et toujours aussi bêtement... Quelle pitié.
Pour en revenir à ton article, je partage le même sentiment de crainte... On va pas rigoler.

Écrit par : µbiqµitoµs | 10 novembre 2004

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Écrit par : zag | 10 novembre 2004

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We are not sorry Some of us — hopefully few of us — are trying to understand and appreciate the effect our recent election had on citizens of our own country. That's right--we're selfish. As our leaders redouble their efforts to maintain the United States of America's status as the land of the free and home of the brave, please remember that some of us — hopefully most of us — really don't give a shit what the rest of you think.

Welcome to the deluxe, meat-and-potatoes, natural fiber swathed, reality-based special edition of SorryEverybodyMyAss.com. It's certainly been something so far, but we're waiting on the laboratory results before we get too worried. We're still making changes to refine and add features and keep up with changes to that other website.

We never did accept picture submissions by email, because we have full-time employment and are bright enough to realize there's no way we could keep up with the volume of email we receive. Instead, there is a submission page where you can upload pictures directly from your hard drive.

You can, of course, give us kudos or hate mail at Contact@SorryEverybodyMyAss.com. Honestly, we're counting on your hate mail to supply us with a few laughs and even more reasons not to give a shit.

We are infinitely grateful to those of you who have donated so far. All one of you. If you're wondering if we're profiteering, your time would be better spent looking for that squirrel. (Please see the FAQ for clarification.) If this thing ever makes enough money to pay for a single longneck, we'll be shocked. We are still accepting donations via PayPal. All profits will be sent to the RNC, or the NRA, or our bank account. We considered other recipients for almost 30 seconds, and then spent another 30 seconds wondering why the hell we bothered.

I'd like to use this sentence to thank all the crybabies who inspired us to create this site. I'd also like to thank the good folks at sorryeverybody.com, for without all their acid, there would be no reason for our reflux.

Écrit par : | 17 novembre 2004

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Super classe... Je vous laisse en juger...

Écrit par : zag | 17 novembre 2004

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HELP THEM LEAVE! 1. Are you outraged that George W. Bush
was re-elected President of the United

2. Are you wondering how a majority of the
citizens of the United States could vote
for such an idiot?

3. Are you wondering how you can survive
in the United States for four more years
with George W. Bush as President?

4. Do you believe you would be better off
in a country that more closely reflects
your political leanings?

Don't worry! We can help!

Écrit par : | 18 novembre 2004

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